Massage reviews

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Sam was very knowledgable when dealing with me. I originally went with shoulder pain and after an assessment found that my hip was also slightly higher one side which was causing me to over compensate. He treated my shoulder in the first session which felt amazing the day after. I then revisited for him to work around my hip and legs. After this session my hip felt very free compared to before and allowed me to work harder in my training sessions.

If you have any pains at all do not delay in booking in at Massage with Sams Fitness Clinic.

Rob Kendrick

I have always known the importance of massage for de stressing but had never considered how imperative it is to take precautionary measures to prevent injury or n sport. As well as being a superb personal trainer helping me to achieve my fitness goals, Sam has been helping me with my tennis elbow and all the related tight muscles from playing tennis and being active.

He uses the perfect amount of pressure and yeah it can be painful but here I’m not just looking for a rub and tickle, I’m looking for muscle repair and Sam’s massage delivers every time. He has great knowledge of the body and knows where to press down hard and which muscles to manipulate. As a result no further damage or injury has occurred. I certainly would not have been able to continue playing tennis if it hadn’t been for Sam’s professional treatment which is why I’m more than happy to recommend his services.

Thanks for keeping me going Sam! 5*

Kathy Johnston

What an unbearable pain in my leg from football last night, after a massage with Sam Whittaker PT Smt my pain is 💯% better and was amazed with the results, Will be reusing Sam on a regular basis from now on.

Darren Shuttleworth
I had a massage on my shoulder and neck on Tuesday. Sam was very professional and explained everything he did, as well as offering advise for after. A day later and I feel so much better, more movement and no niggly pains or twinges (which I was having problems with before). I’d definitely recommend Sam, and will use him again!  🙂
Catherine Emma

Hi Sam just wanted to send you a message to say thank you. I came to see you on Wednesday I think it was last week as my legs were really tight due to high volumes of training and races back to back over the last couple of weeks. Id like to start off by saying my experience was great!👊

You carried out a full assessment looking at my posture body position etc and explained to me what we would be working on and more importantly why. I felt completely relaxed and informed through the massage, engaging with me and reading the right amount of pressure needed in specific areas. The massage felt like you were navigating around the muscle and it’s tensions according to the need if that makes sense. I couldn’t believe the difference you had made within the hour. My flexibility increased by about 4 inches ha ha and for me that’s huge. The stretches after the massage you did were also massively beneficial and the advise given after post massage was fab.

Come race day this Sunday I felt really confident and assured that I was in good shape.
I’ve had a lot of really good sports  massage’s over the last 2 years and I’ve got to say yours was on point!

To summarise:
Great environment, great atmosphere, professional, full assessment carried out and confidence in what I needed for my body and for my sport was provided and I understood why.  Thank you.